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The Artistry of Frank Sinatra

The music, life and legacy of Frank Sinatra is nothing short of legendary. His contributions to the art of popular singing have been immeasurable. This project is all about trying to preserve this legacy for future generations. Everyone should experience the ageless quality of his music and the magnificent artistry of his musical arrangers.

I began this project in 2019 having researched the life of Frank Sinatra for over 10 years. He seems to have lived so many lives both personally and professionally. This original 2 act theatre show is my attempt to pay homage to his incredible 60 year artistic career.

Each scene tells the story of a key of aspect of Frank's life and also incorporates a song which resonates with that particular scene. All aspects of his career are covered from his early days as a singing waiter to his final stadium tours.

The story of Frank's artistic life is told through each narrated scene and associated song.

I've been luck enough to perform this show 3 times, twice at the wonderful Rory Gallagher Theatre at Munster Technological University and also at the Cork Arts Theatre.

I'm delighted that the show has been so well received and I look forward to performing it again in the future.

Photos By Darragh Kane

Some of my favourite tracks

Recorded by Johnny Campbell

This is a montage of some of the music featured in the show which was recorded at the Cork Arts Theatre in July 2022

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